SCBA - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Course Description

This class is designed for the five fighter with varying years of experience. In this class the students learns the basic fire fighters skills & techniques of SCBA during classroom and hands on exercises. Upon successful completion of this class, the students will walk away with an increased level of basic fire fighter competencies.edited

Course Duration

202 Hours

Course Content

  • Module 1-16 hrs

  • Theory & General of SCBA

  • SCBA drills

    • coat swing method

    • don SCBA- sealed position

    • overhead method

    • emergency procedures

    • shifting & dumping

    • single fire fighter bottle charge

    • two fire fighter bottle charge

    • basic SCBA can

    • moving up & down stairs

    • moving in a building with tools

  • Module 2- 32 hrs

  • charging SCBA

  • dealing compressor

  • rescue drills with SCBA

  • enrolling SCBA on smoke compartment

  • combination drills with SCBA

Course Objectives

  • Identify the hazardous environments requiring the use of respiratory protection 
  • Identify the physical requirements of a SCBA user 
  • Identify the uses and limitations of SCBA 
  • Identify each component and safety feature of SCBA 

Course Outcome


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