Basic Fire Fighter Level -1

Course Description

The course is designed for the person who seeks the knowledge and skills to function as an integral member of firefighting team under direct general supervision in hazardous Conditions. The Course consist of a Combinations of classroom study , Drill Field practice and training evolutions that will prepare the fire fighters to perform most grand functions.

Course Duration

20 Hours

Course Content

  • safety and security
  • communications
  • resources and assets
  • staff responsibilities
  • utilities management
  • patient and clinical supports activates with first aid
  • regular testing and evaluation
  • evaluation drill
  • operate fire extinguishers

Course Objectives

  • describe conditions of emergency
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of those who involved
  • manage in crisis/preventer, mitigation and recovery scenarios
  • design and operate emergency operation center (CEO)
  • develop an effective response to mock emergency simulations

Course Outcome

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