Basic Life Support - Emergency Response Training

Course Description

Emergency Response training focuses on developing the critical skills needed to survive an emergency. These training program teach individuals a range of response procedures including building evaluations, shelter in place, first aid, CPR active threat survival and also the operation of fire extinguisher.

Course Duration

10 Hours

Course Content

  • Firefighter Survival
  • Forcible Entry
  • Residential Basement Operations
  • Searching without a Line
  • Hoarder Conditions
  • Firefighter Rescue & RIT

Course Objectives

  • describe conditions of emergency
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of those who involved
  • manage in crisis/preventer, mitigation and recovery scenarios
  • design and operate emergency operation center (CEO)
  • develop an effective response to mock emergency simulations

Course Outcome

On successful completion of the course, participants will be issued with a NFPA approved certificate

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